Jeremy Boorer is a director of Teddington-based Green-Mopeds  which opened recently on the Broad Street side of the railway bridge.

What prompted you to set up Green-Mopeds?
Green-Mopeds was set up to help solve 3 challenges: a) Help in reducing the environmental impact of vehicles (2 wheeled vehicles typically omit 70% of the emissions of cars) b) Help in congestion concerns c) Reduction in moped and motorcycle theft (our bikes typically have removable batteries and are unrideable without them.)

Would you like to tell our readers more about what Green-Mopeds offers?
Green-Mopeds was formed in 2017 and provides the largest choice of electric mopeds, motorcycles and road-legal scooters in the UK. They are ideal for into and inner city commuting, business use such as delivery, and public sector use such as parking enforcement. All our models are 50cc and 125cc equivalent so can be ridden on a pre-2001 car license (50cc) or CBT + L-Plates. Ranges are typically from 30 to 90 miles on a single charge from removable lithium-ion batteries chargeable from a standard 13amp socket and have speeds up to 75mph. They have no road tax and are ULEZ and Congestion charge exempt. Prices start at approximately £1700 and are nearly all on the Government’s OZEV Grant scheme providing 3 year warranties on the batteries and 2 years on the bike and a 20% rebate to encourage take up. All the bikes we sell are reviewed on our YouTube channel.

What geographic area do you cover?
National and international – our furthest customer is in the Caribbean!

What are your hopes for the future?
We have plans to get investment and expand with more shops.

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