Update the Guide

It is intended that this guide will mainly be limited to organisations that:

Are based in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

We may include organisations outside the Borough (for example businesses in neighbouring Boroughs; information websites; or organic delivery companies) if they make a significant contribution to users’ ability to live more sustainably by offering information, goods or services not readily available locally. For example, we include Lush in Kingston because they offer a wide choice of unpackaged vegetarian toiletries that aren’t tested on animals, and actively campaign on environmental issues.

Offer goods, services or information making a significant contribution to sustainable living

Where something is widely available from a large number of local businesses, we will include only those organisations that offer a wider range or whose business specialise in a sustainable offering. For example, most supermarkets offer some organic produce and vegan food, but we will only include food shops which specialise in these areas.  We may include national chains if they offer something that is not readily available elsewhere, for example we include Wholefoods because they offer unpackaged grains and nuts and a very wide range of ‘green’ toiletries.”

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