Strawberry Fill Station

Strawberry Fill Station is a new plastic free refill delivery service offering free local next day delivery in cotton bags and glass bottles. We talked to its founder, Louisa.

Louisa, congratulations on starting a sustainable business. What prompted you to set up Strawberry Fill Station?

I had always wanted to set up a business serving the local community. I’ve had various ideas in the past but this one stuck! It feels good doing something which can actually have a positive environmental impact. Our aim is for people to make small changes to help overcome one of our biggest global problems: plastic waste!

Would you like to tell our readers more about what Strawberry Fill Station offers?

We offer a plastic free, refill delivery service for your cupboard essentials and household goods. We deliver our products in reusable, eco-friendly cotton bags and refillable glass bottles. By using our services, you are cutting out single-use plastic altogether. Our customers just need to remember to return them when we redeliver. We take care of the rest – washing, refilling and redelivering for our next customer. As an online business our overheads are low, and we pass on those savings to our customers.

Which areas of the Borough you cover?

We cover all of Richmond Borough with free delivery. There is no minimum order for TW1 and TW2. For other Richmond postcodes, a £25.00 minimum spend applies. This allows us to focus on serving the immediate local community of Strawberry Hill and Twickenham, but also reaching people from further afield who share our values and are looking for organic produce without the unnecessary plastic waste.

What are your hopes for the future?

To significantly reduce plastic waste in our community. It is a simple and achievable ambition that helps us tackle one of the greatest threats to our planet!

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