General advice on green issues 

Richmond and Twickenham Friends of the Earth – Friends of the Earth local group and authors of this website

National Friends of the Earth – National Friends of the Earth  –  campaigns and advice – Great website offering a wide range of advice on sustainable living

Low – Advice on sustainable living

Ethical consumer – Green advice for consumers  –  a green alternative to Which magazine

WWF footprint calculator – Calculate your environmental footprint

Kingston Green  e-directory – Green directory for Kingston produced by Transition Town Kingston

Centre for Alternative Technology – Useful free advice on a wide range of eco issues


Green energy and renewables 

Switch It – How green is your energy company? Plus advice on switching to a greener one

Energy saving trust – Advice on renewables, energy efficiency, insulation – Certification scheme for green energy installers and manufacturers (only these qualify for the renewable heat incentive)

Solar Guide – lists solar installers and provides advice on solar installation


Using water wisely

Waterwise – Advice on saving water


Waste and recycling

West London Waste – Information on waste and recycling in the Borough

Richmond Council


Reducing food waste

Too good to go (food waste) – Reduce food waste

Love food hate waste – Advice and recipes to avoid food waste

Olio – Food sharing app –  offer leftover food to local users



Love your clothes – Advice on caring for, mending, giving away and recycling clothes



Stop micro waste – Advice on reducing micro plastics from washing clothing


Advice on avoiding palm oil

Orangutan Foundation – Advice on avoiding palm oil  –  a leading cause of deforestation and orangutan extinction


Eco – browsing

Ecosia – Search engine that plants trees